Some people get their brightest ideas in the shower, some on the beach and others before they sleep; I got mine in a yoga class while chatting up to one of my classmates.

My name is Khawlah, I’m the founder of DEERasa, a business plan software created to help entrepreneurs build business plans effortlessly yet effectively. Before I found DEERasa, I used to work as a financial advisor and consultant in the investment banking and private equity industries dealings with multimillion dollars projects in various fields such as real estate, healthcare, education, technology, media and others.

It all started when my yoga pal invited me to train at a competition for female entrepreneurs, relying on my experience in finance and accounting. I reluctantly agreed as I’m accustomed to working with big corporations with an already huge budget to spend on almost everything not startups or small businesses. But I’m glad I did; my experience with female entrepreneurs was enlightening as it introduced me to the passionate world of small business owners. From that day on, I became more involved with entrepreneurs as a freelance advisor, coach and startup judge committee member and after some time, I decided that I want to be part of their success, I want to help them turn their passion into profitable business.

Every small business or new startup definitely needs a business plan to guide it and attract investors, but owners and team members usually don’t do it because they can’t afford the fees of a professional advisor or consultant. I thought there must be a solution for that; I was sure I could help them with my knowledge and resources. This is when I met with a group of friends and colleagues to brainstorm ideas. And this is how DEERasa was born.

DEERasa is an easy-to-use and extremely affordable online business plan platform. After you sign up, you are guided step-by-step to create your own custom-made business plan. We will ask you all the relevant questions and do all the calculations for you. But make no mistake; DEERasa is not just a business plan builder. We want the entrepreneurs to add their personal touch as well as learn along the process; this is why they are asked to provide the inputs, share their passion and add what they know about their industry.

In this blog, our blog team members will be sharing their opinion and expertise with you on a number of topics including startups, entrepreneurship, management, how to forecast your revenue, basic finance, successful business stories from our region, sharing tips and tricks in addition to keeping you in the loop on the latest additions and updates.

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Thank you for reading our very first post,

Have a wonderful productive day!

Khawlah Almadoudi, EMBA

DEERasa founder & CEO