Deerasa is a business plan web app that helps new startups, small businesses and freelancers to write a professional business plan easily & quickly.

Deerasa Student Brand Ambassador program is developed to increase Deerasa Student membership and drive awareness of Deerasa app as an online business plan web application. Throughout the program period, brand ambassador teams will host events, use word of mouth marketing, and social media to educate their campus peers on Deerasa.

The objective is to educate your college peers on Deerasa, present Deerasa as a go-to entrepreneurial tool and encourage students with business ideas to create their business plan using Deerasa web app.


What you will do:

  • Share content on your social media accounts on Deerasa, retweeting us, posting Deerasa blogs articles and sharing Deerasa’s videos.
  • Talking about Deerasa with your peers, family & friends.
  • Host Events at your college.
  • Help potential student entrepreneurs sign up and start their Deerasa business plan.
  • Share your knowledge and learning via monthly contributions to the Deerasa blog where you highlight interesting startups & success stories.

Do you have other ideas about how to spread the word? We want to hear from you!

Your Benefits:

  • You will gain leadership skills.
  • You’ll learn the ins and outs of a growing startup and what it takes to be an entrepreneur.
  • Regular meetings with our founders.
  • You will get a certificate of recognition from Deerasa at the end of the program.
  • Internship credit (as allowed by your college.)
  • A Letter of Recommendation for top performers.
  • Marketing skills and training that will take your resume to a new level.

You must be:

  • Current Student at one of the universities in Jeddah (UBT, Effat, Dar Alhekma, KAAU).
  • Outgoing and well-connected member of your campus community.
  • Extremely active in social media.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Creative & able to think outside the box to create impactful events.
  • available for a weekly meeting with the founder and marketing team.


Want to join us?

Send your CV to [email protected]