Hello all,

Finally, DEERasa team is pleased to announce that our very 1st public beta release DEERasa 1.0  is now available. Woohoo!

This release supports all major modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Chrome and IE as well as major operating systems like Mac, Windows and Linux. In this release you will be able to make your business plan in English language only. Arabic language will be supported in our next release which will be coming soon as well.

Users who register between 15th November to 14th December will have a free access to the software for a period of 30 days.

For this beta release users are highly encouraged to report any bugs, issues or errors to help us make the next release the best ever.

Our developers look forward to receiving your feedback on this beta release of DEERasa.com!

I personally would like to take this opportunity and thank our developers and design team for their hard work and great efforts. I would like to also thank all those friends and colleagues who accepted our invitation to test the software during our private releases. Without your efforts, support & prayer DEERasa would not be here. Thank you.

Khawlah Almadoudi, EMBA

Founder & CEO