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What is Deerasa?

Deerasa is a business plan software created for startups, small businesses and home-based businesses as well as freelancers to enable them to build winning business plans quickly and easily. With step-by-step guidance in each and every section, our software will work out the calculations and format giving you a professional business plan instantly.


The concept for Deerasa was created when we recognised the huge challenge that new and young entrepreneurs face when they first establish their business. The challenge to clearly and efficiently explain their business idea, identify revenue streams, understand the differences between profit and cash and most importantly write an excellent and concise business plan that will persuade investors and funders whilst guiding their management team.

We came up with a unique software solution built by a professional team with deep-rooted experience in finance, entrepreneurship and IT software development. We’ve made it incredibly affordable and easy to use. The process is simple - just sign up, go through the step-by-step process in creating your bespoke, thorough and professional business plan and let Deerasa do all the calculations for you.

It asks all the relevant questions that investors want to know, sets the parameters and provides clear instructions and informative examples at each and every stage of the process. But Deerasa is also not passive. Entrepreneurs need to provide the inputs, share their passion and add what they know about their industry. In doing so, we believe they will grow to better understand the financial and business management requirements that their venture needs.

End result? Deerasa gives you two things - the plan you need and an invaluable learning process. And those two things are our reasons for creating Deerasa.com.

Business plans aren’t just tools for new entrepreneurs.

Experienced business leaders use them to evaluate strategy, plan growth and raise capital. If you’re already a successful entrepreneur and want to grow your company, a business plan will help you create that roadmap.
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We are so confident that you’ll love our product, we guarantee it with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Your idea deserves to be seen. Let us help you take your business plan to the next level.
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