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Creating a business plan? Not sure what to include - and what to leave out?

Deerasa gives you what you need. Perfect for startups, small businesses and home-based businesses, it's designed to help you a build winning business plan - quickly, easily and for an affordable fee. As well as articles, tips and resources, Deerasa provides an interactive tool that takes you through the process of putting your plan together, step-by-step.

How it works?
How it works?

It's easy

Just sign up, then follow our helpful step-by-step process: clear prompts set out what information to provide at every stage.

It's fast

Our tool converts your inputs into instant outcomes. It does all the work and calculations, saving you time and delivering a format proven for success.

It's affordable

All for a simple affordable fee: the business plan and entrepreneurial knowledge you need to launch your business in the best possible way.

Why Deerasa is different
A unique combination - from people who know

Deerasa unites knowledge and expertise from both sides of the business planning equation: investors and entrepreneurs. Its format has been created with assistance from top international entrepreneur institutions, who know what works, and venture capitalists, who know what they need. And now it's yours to put to use...

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