Spending time on any aspect of our life leads us to learn more about it and inevitably make positive improvements to it where possible. That’s why it makes perfect sense to put the effort into creating an organised business plan. But by time we don’t mean forever! We understand that the market is fast-paced, that’s why we created a software that asks the questions that actually matter to get you on the right tracks as quickly as possibly. Here are some more reasons why we think a business plan is ultimately helpful for your new business:

A business plan gives you clarity and control

A business plan will encourage you to ask plenty of useful questions about your business that you may not have previously thought of, helping you to go through all the aspects of your business thoroughly. By reporting your vision and values, you will undoubtedly begin an entirely new learning process of yourself, your business and your market which proves invaluable knowledge. And with this knowledge comes power and control; you can rely on your set-in-stone plan to help keep you focused and use it to understand how to best operate and market your business for maximum success.

A solid business plan is essential to acquire external funding

It’s truly fundamental for your business to create the formal document of a business plan to secure external funding. It will demonstrate the thought process behind your concept and persuade potential funders and investors to fully understand your business, its unique selling point, its expected success and profitability. Confidence is key; if you fully understand and believe in your business plan, investors are more likely to do the same.

Managing your business cash flow is easier with a business plan

Did you think about your startup costs? Some businesses fail immediately as they haven’t projected how much cash they needed to begin… But not yours! At the beginning of any business, it is fundamental to carefully monitor all cash flow to keep on top of costs, revenues and projected profits so by having a business plan you can have a better thought out approach towards your finances.

Proper planning helps you reach your goals quicker

With a plan, comes action. You can list any general phases that needs to be taken in order to improve your business, such as implementing new features or new ideas to build on. You can even  plan future obstacles and set goals so you can be guaranteed to be prepared for any turn and make sure you’re constantly striving for the best your business can be. Your startup or small business needs all the support it can get and fast, which is why we made our business plan web application an incredibly simple and quick experience where you can choose to be as general or as detailed as you would like when setting goals – giving you instant plans and gratification.