Creating a professional image for your small business is key to your success. Your business image should communicate professionalism and seriousness from the start, which is from the moment potential clients see any of your marketing materials, Website, business card or call you. Many entrepreneurs suffer from not being taken seriously enough, especially they work from home and clients know that.

Your communicated image is your only chance to make your business last beyond the first encounter so how to make customers see and feel your true professional image?

1-      Choose a catchy, easy to remember name for your company like Clicks Website Building or Rana Accessories. It’s important that customers recall your company name after they hear about it or see it.

2-      Buy a domain name as your company name or very similar to it. For example if your company’s name is Clicks, try or Clicks. Co, .net, .biz…etc and if the name your want is unavailable, try adding a descriptive word to indicate location or type of work like ClicksKSA or ClicksWebsites.

3-      Design a logo and a stationary package. To have a distinctive image, ask a professional designer to create a logo for your company that is inspired by your identity and uses your brand colors only. Create a full stationary package including business card, letterhead and envelope with the help of your designer making sure your company logo is on everything to maintain consistent visual image.

4-      Create email accounts that are hosted on your own domain for all of your team: following this example: you can also add last name initials to the name part.

5-      Make sure your team create email signatures that reflect your image and list all the important contact details of your company.

6-      Answer your phone professionally. It doesn’t matter if an office number or just the phone number of one of the staff, if it’s used for work, it must be answered professionally. Clearly mention your company’s name followed by your own name before you greet whoever is calling. This will make a new client understand how serious you are about your business and as a result trust you with their business or money. It makes it easier for clients to remember your company’s name too.

7-      Add your logo and other visual elements of your company’s identity to all of your communication such as invoices, contracts and forms. It is important that clients receive a consistent and professional image from you all the time and regardless of the channel.

8-      Create a consistent image on social media. Whether you run a tech business or not, you must have a presence on social media but that presence maybe confusing to prospects and clients if you don’t use the same identity elements on all of your SM channels such as your logo in the profile picture and a unified cover photo on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

It takes constant observation and management to build your business image, and it certainly doesn’t end here but you would be doing really great if you start with our 8 suggested tips. Have more? Please share with us!